Battery Packs

Battery Packs

Battery Packs

Tired of lugging around a heavy battery?
Discover the latest in portable power.
Tracer LiFePO4 Battery Packs offer a tremendous advantage over traditional sealed lead
acid (SLA) batteries. Just a ¼ of the weight our battery packs will fit in your coat pocket with
room to spare! You won't believe the difference! Built-in charge indicator shows how much power
remains in your battery and whether you need to recharge.
Tired of lugging around a heavy battery? Discover the latest Portable Power!
Lithium & LiFePO4 battery packs offer tremendous advantages over traditional sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries.

People like you use Tracer Power for: Portable Lighting Solutions, Point of Sale displays, Mobile Advertising, Covert Surveillance, Remote Monitoring Equipment, Outside Broadcast Solutions, iPhone charging, Portable TV/DVD players, and many other 12V applications.

Lighter. Smaller. Better.

Just ¼ of the weight of a traditional sealed lead acid battery, our super-deep discharge Lithium &  LifePO4 Batteries have been designed for many applications.

Built in Fuel Gauge

With the built in Tracer fuel gauge you can check the power level remaining in the battery. A touch of the button shows how much energy remains and whether you need to recharge.

Advanced Battery Management System (BMS)

The Tracer BMS has been developed and refined through months of testing. The result is an advanced system which offers total battery protection without compromise on performance.

Tracer BMS protects against over-charge / discharge, temperature, over-current and short circuit. (Unlike other lithium batteries on the market, there is no requirement for a manual factory reset should the BMS protection be triggered.)

Certified Safe

All Tracer Lithium Phosphate batteries conform to standard UN 38.3 which is the ONLY relevant safety standard for lithium batteries. Our battery packs have been through a rigorous testing procedure by UN certified inspectors. You should NEVER handle a non-certified lithium battery pack.

Comprehensive Warranty

Tracer batteries and chargers are covered by a comprehensive warranty. Specific warranty details are available on the product page.

High Efficiency Smart Charger

The ultra-slim charger works efficiently without the need for cumbersome cooling fans and is also guaranteed for two years.

Waterproof (LiFePO4 Batteries)

Tracer LiFePO4 packs are a sealed unit and waterproof to IP64 standard. They can be used with the neoprene pouch (supplied) or without – just use the sprung loaded grab-handle.

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